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In a far away land, you will find magic beyond measure. A palace surrounded by busy shops with new animals and magical items! Fly across the world on an actual flying carpet, or ride a camel to your favorite spot. Come to Desert Oasis and find the magic for yourself!

Desert Oasis

Jump Master

Test your skills in this arcadey parkour map. Only a true Jump Master can conquer these obstacle courses! 

EPIC Islands Flatrock

Play an epic survival island! Flatrock is home to a kingdom of fishermen, iron golems, and giant caves! Can you free yourself from the outside world and make this survival island your home?

Who are the Berries?

Razzleberries also known as "The Berries" are a team of talented artists, 3D modelers, programmers, command block experts, terraformers and builders with a passion for Minecraft and creating fun experiences for all versions of the game. Some of our creators have been a part of the content creation scene for Minecraft since 2012.


We make Minecraft Java mods, Minecraft Bedrock addons, skin packs, adventure maps, mini-games, survival spawns, texture packs, and content for other games that might inspire us.


As one of the founding partners of the Minecraft Marketplace, we have been creating content for Bedrock Edition since the spring of 2017.

2019 Razzleberries AB

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